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Foam Mattresses guide
When shopping for a new bed, we always spend a great deal of time and energy searching for the right style, look, size and price, but we often times don%u2019t give the same consideration to the mattress we will be putting on the perfect bed once we%u2019ve brought it home. These mattresses are a great way to make your folding beds more comfortable.

While the bed can give your room the updated and stylish look you wanted to achieve, a good mattress can give you something more important; a good nights rest. So when you are doing your research it is a good idea to spend some energy checking on mattresses as well.

One of the best types of mattresses on the market today would have to be the memory foam type of mattress. Memory Foam mattresses are made of a heat sensitive, visco-elastic polyurethane foam. How the memory foam mattress works is that when the foam is at standard room temperature the foam material will be harder than it will be at skin temperature. What happens when a body comes in contact with the mattress foam is that the foam material will soften to conform to the body that is in contact with it.

The memory foam mattress is going to be heavier than an standard box spring type of mattress, but this will make it more supportive for people with back or muscle pain. The memory foam mattress is probably one of the more expensive on the market but is a good choice since it is a good compromise between soft and firm mattresses.
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